For those with thick skin and humor


This is a website/forum that I find myself lurking in when I need a good martial arts related pick me up.  The men and women of Bullshido do their best to ridicule, critique, and utterly destroy preconceptions of traditional and modern martial arts with a twinge of self hating humor.

Most of the time its shits and giggles, but the "Bullies" as they call themselves do go through some extensive work to weed out McDojo's and MA frauds.  They don't give you any credit unless you have some valid arguments with evidence to match.

Check it out in your freetime.  I believe Bullshido gives a very entertaining and oddly enlightening and a welcome piece of what is Combat Culture.

Welcome Warriors

They call me Shinobi and I'm a combat enthusiast.  I believe that personal improvement through the martial way; boxing, kung fu, muay thai, and the many other combat arts is the key to enlightenment of our minds, bodies, and spirits.  I hope that this place will allow us to share anything and everything combat related, armed or unarmed. 

In the beginning man had to train himself to survive.  Nowadays, we can train ourselves to live.